About Us

We live on a small 110 acre ranch in the Central Texas hill country. We purchased our first Border Collie in 1995 and fell in love with the breed. She was a wonderful herding dog and helped us immensely with our cattle business. We started raising Border Collies in 2000 in hopes of producing not only intelligent, agile pups but also social and loving family dogs. Our working dogs are older now so we no longer produce any puppies but we still love the breed intensely.

We added Italian Greyhounds to the mix in 2005 when we wanted a smaller indoor dog as a pet and totally fell in love with the breed. We invested in some very nice dogs shortly after getting our first iggy and we now produce and show beautiful and super social puppies!

We then met our first Xoloitzcuintli in 2011 in Belton, TX at a dog show. My daughter, Kayla and I were extremely intrigued by this dog so we started learning all we could about them! We fell head over heels in love with this breed and we now raise and show them all over the world!

We have 3 sons (2 in college & 1 graduated) and one daughter who is working towards being a professional handler. She is instrumental in achieving our goals and loves to help with every step of the process but especially training and showing. We pride ourselves on producing ultra social show prospects and/or family pets.